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Our History

The White Horse building, previously known as The Esten House, has a history dating back to the mid 1700's. In 1929, the Esten House building was purchased by William Frith, and extended slightly southerly towards the waterfront edge. In 1930, Ye Olde White Horse Tavern opened its doors, which was at that time a bar and hotel. In the mid 1960’s and again in 1980's, extensions of the building were developed southerly, directly on the waterfront's edge. The White Horse Pub & Restaurant remains a St. George’s landmark still today amongst locals and visitors alike. 


Esten House (right) circa 1900. Photo credit unknown


Ye Olde White Horse Tavern circa 1930s. Credit unknown


Stills taken from film 1937. Ken Butz

White Horse Tavern - pre-bridge - Wendel

White Horse Tavern from Ordnance Island before the bridge was constructed circa 1940's.

Wendell Burchall Jr.

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